I practice two sorts of healing :

  1. Spiritual healing
  2. Divine Connection

Spiritual healing and Divine Connection are transmitted by the spirit. It is an alternative energy medicine similar to Reiki, therapeutic touch, Qi Do or more. These 2 types of healing do not involve any manipulation or massage. Spiritual healing is administered by simple acts such as hands off technique, or the direction of thoughts from a distance. No removal of clothing is necessary except a coat or jacket.


Spiritual healing


Healing does not replace traditional medicine or alternative medicine. This will complement your treatment and speed up your recovery.

No faith is required to receive healing, but a certain openness and accepting to receive healing with positive attitude is a plus.

This is a hands off technique. Energy will be felt in various forms, see info below. It can be conducted from a distance for yourself or a loved one in need of healing.


Divine Connection


This is  a technique learned with Mrs Monique Lapointe (Canadian lady) in Paris in 2010. I can say that since that date I am practicing it regularly.

During the session people usually have a stronger feel physically than with spiritual healing, but of course that does not determine the end result of success.

This type of healing works on restructuring the energy field of the person, it brings the vibration to a higher level. This type of healing is conducted via distance. After the booking is taken I will send the details on how it is conducted and what you need to do from your home to receive this healing with the best benefits.

A healing session last 40 minutes.

Each person is unique and feels the energy differently.

Some may feel a change of temperature, emotions, pulling or tingling, some feel a light on their face.

Others feel the energy continuing to work on them a bit longer, changes are felt for the next two weeks after the session.

After a session often people have a need to sleep.

It is important to follow the demands of your body at that present time.

Drinking water after a session is also important.

Receiving feedback after a session is always welcome.

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