Mediumship is about reuniting you with your loved ones, an opportunity for them to let you know that you are never alone. Receiving messages from them about your daily life and proving to you their continuous presence with you.

A moment where Love is felt, encouragement and strength are given. In difficult times this can be a way to receive a boost of confidence and reassurance.

What is a medium ?

A medium is a person that can link between the invisible and the visible world. We all come to this world with a certain degree of abilities.             Among us there are some who are more sensitive and perceive in higher frequency the Spirit world.

It takes discipline, work, and dedication to become a medium.

The purpose of a reading is not to present what the future holds or influence the sitter in making decisions. The Spirit world usually comes with messages of love, compassion and validation that they are with us on a daily basis.

They hear us, receive our prayers,  guide us in sensitive times, and give us validation that our souls continue existing in another vibration.

How is a reading conducted ?

My readings are usually done via Skype or in my home.

Skype allows you to be in the comfort of your own home, and it is quite remarkable that we don’t need to be in the same room or even the same country for the reading to take place.

I do need to hear your voice when I bring forward a piece of information in order to be validated.

A simple : “yes”, “no” or “I don’t know” is sufficient.

If you feel like giving feedback from the reading at the end, it is always welcome. If you have any specific questions I will allocate space for those towards the end of the reading.

What is the purpose of Spirit contact ?

A reading from loved ones, relatives or friends often brings comfort where it is needed.

Some suffer from the loss of a parent or child which affects them very deeply, a reading often brings peace and reassurance that the loved one is in a perfect place.

A reading can be the 1st therapeutic step on the journey of grief.

Validation of communication between the 2 worlds helps bring hope to the person who misses their relative. It makes it easier to accept the departure. It maintains the flow of love and helps to continue to live with the departed person on a different vibration.

It confirms that we continue existing and our souls are immortal living spirits.

What is the difference between a psychic and a medium ?

Every medium is psychic, but psychics are not mediums. Mediums have the ability to communicate with the Spirit world.

Psychics receive their information from the vibration energy of the person. A psychic can read a person’s energy and explain what the person is going through emotionally.

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