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A Warm welcome to joy-n-medium !

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Pleasure to meet you over a reading session. Until then take care and listen from loved  ones in the  Spirit world. They are always whispering and giving signs for us to know we are never alone.

About me

My name is Anita PACHO. Born in Paris and lived in a French/Spanish community with neighbours who were Portuguese and Italian. This was a wonderful opportunity for me to embrace different cultures, ways of thinking, religions, and see that no matter how different we can be on the outside, we are all touch by Love from the inside.

I studied at a hotel management school in Besançon at the age of 18, then worked in the hotel industry before joining an airline for the last 30 years.

I lived in England for 8 years where I became a spiritualist, and 3 years in New York.

I live now in the Loire Valley, France,  where history has made a vivid impact and energy is felt in a very unique way, castles, forests, writers poets artists houses can take you on a magical journey.

JOY is the name given to me by the Spirit world during a reading through a teacher at a  College in England for mediums.

Today by calling my web site “Joy” it is a way to pay respect to them.

Like many mediums it all started at an early age when I felt, heard and saw spirits.

Each experience was wrapped with love and caring and I never went through a scary or frightening moment.

I came to this world with the knowledge that communication with the Spirit world was a normal thing and it felt totally natural, only much later in life did I realized that this perception is not shared by all.

Each reading is unique,  and what makes it a privilege for me, is when Love from the Spirit is passed to the sitter, and I  see a weight lifting off their heart and finally they take a deep breath. Some accept finally the departure of a love one, others healed by the message they received, witnessing this taking place is truly a miracle.

How I became a medium and a healer ?

My maternal grandmother was a medium and a healer with good psychological abilities.

She would assist people  in her village who were close to passing to the other world. She would give readings to the family mourning their lost relatives.

Her abilities were passed to my mother, but she had no interest in becoming a medium, today only the premonition dreams are prevalent in her daily life.

From an early age , I had numerous experiences with the Spirit world, towards teenage years it left me completely like it didn’t exist.

Only to come back when I was 20 years old.

It took me a few years to accept this was an integral part of me.

The Arthur Findlay College has taught me the ethics and ways of conduct that today are part of my work.

I am very grateful for the teachers I have met who instilled in me the importance of treating this work with sacred respect.

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